Sunday, September 23, 2012

Make Up Your Mind!

If any of you have followed my blog, you will have noticed that I've been absent from my post for quite a long time.   

I am now at that two-weeks to marathon time, and having a bit of a panic.  When I signed up for the Portland Marathon, I didn't have a full time teaching position and had a whole bunch of time to train.

Since I signed up, I got a new job. Hallelujah!  We sold our house.  Hallelujah!  And then…I simultaneously moved a home and a classroom, cleaned, painted, and nested both home and classroom, and then started teaching an eager little bunch of five-year-olds!  Again, can I get a Hallelujah up in here!  This is all tremendously great news, but it put a serious kibosh on my training. 

So – the run is in two weeks and I’ve had a lot of soul searching, and sole searching to do.  I don’t feel ready at all, but I feel obligated.  I said I would do something, and people donated to my cause – the Children’s Cancer Association – in good faith that I would do what I said I would do.  Now I’m sitting in a big old bunch of dilemma. 

I talked to the folks at CCA – and they are thrilled with me already – I have raised the most money for this event of anyone participating.  So that’s good.   They told me I could do whatever I felt necessary.  I could run, walk or drag myself as far as possible.  OR I could decide mid-run to take the turnoff for the half marathon.  OR I could be happy with my fundraising and not do the run. 

That last one doesn’t sit well with me because I have a conscience.  The reality is I may very well end up doing a half marathon instead of the full, but I also know what a stubborn person I can be when I have made up my mind to do something.  So…I may very well walk and drag myself to the finish of 26.2 miles.  I won’t know til I get there.  It will be a surprise to even me.  I know I’m leaning toward pushing through no matter what.

I have signed up for a fun run next Saturday at Portland International Raceway.  The Happiest 5-K On The Planet! We will be in town helping our daughter move, so I thought – what the heck.  I need some fun, and color in my life!  J

The weekend after will be more serious. 

What would YOU do if you were in my running shoes?

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