Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Memorial (Motivational) Monday!

Cancer is a big, stupid, bully - the kind that steals your lunch money, stalks you on facebook and makes crank calls.  (What I really want to say about it contains way too many expletives!)

Last week North Powder School lost one of its own - Riki Anderson, second grade teacher, and woman extraordinaire.  I feel cheated not to have known her longer.  I only knew her while under the ravages of cancer and chemo, and I have to say, I can’t imagine what she was like healthy!  She was such a dynamo – a devoted teacher and mother, she had a wicked sense of humor, and was a positive role model in every way.  She taught through chemo-sickness and hair loss, and kept an upbeat attitude – never wanting the children or her workmates to worry. 

We will gather in grief on Wednesday to celebrate the life of this amazing woman, to share stories, hugs and tears.  Riki was only 42 years old.  She leaves behind three daughters - a senior in high school, a first grader, and a three year old.  AND - many students who loved her dearly.

Cancer is a bully.

My last several runs have been tearful.  The road is where I work out my troubles and try to find balance.  The miles I'm logging are working toward my goal of a marathon to raise money for the Children's Cancer Association.
Today, I ask that you make a donation to one of the numerous cancer programs out there.  Cancer needs to be stopped.  Children with cancer need to grow up.  Children whose parents have cancer need healthy parents to raise them.  Mothers with cancer need to see their children graduate, marry, and have children of their own.  

Let's keep working together to end this disease.

Rest in peace...
Riki Anderson 
Dad (BobWard)
Aunt Carolyn
Keith Tannehill
Suasn Moon
Pam Still
Jack Carey...

Who do you add to the list?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Motivational Monday!

I spent yesterday morning pouring through videos on youtube, trying to find some that were inspirational without being depressing.   I found a couple that really spoke to me.

What is strength?  It can be about the physical body, or the emotional outlook.  I find that these are the two critical elements in training for a marathon.  I know there will times when I doubt my own physical strength and will have to dig deep to find the emotional fortitude to keep moving.

This week's video clips are related, so please watch them both!  They are heartwarming, and I love how they show that small efforts can create such good will and inspiration.

Strong as Iron

Danny is Cancer Free!

I love the line in the first video that says, "A little, given in abundance, is a lot."   If you haven't donated yet because you think you don't have enough to give - remember that every little bit goes into the bigger picture.  I don't have a lot of 'extra' money, but I try to donate something toward my own fundraising goal every month. $5000 sounds like, and is a lot of money to raise, but don't let it deter you from making even a $5.00 donation.  Every raindrop that falls goes into creating the seas!

Be strong.  Go forth and conquer your goals!